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About Florida Coffee Peddler

Craft Coffees & Provisions

FLORIDA...the state our family finally settled on!  Have been in the restaurant business almost all my working life, meeting my wife along the way (she was the best Hostess I ever hired, lol)  We raised 3 kids and moved 14 times, I think, over the last 23 years.  Restaurants are very have some that heat food from bags or the freezer, then you have others that take the time and money to make things from scratch (not an easy task when serving hundreds and thousands of people), however the pride and appreciation you have when done that way is unlike any other feeling when you see customers enjoying your carefully prepared food...THIS has always been my passion.  I have certainly spent too much time on my days off coming up recipes for "common" items people have long thought that just "come like that from the store"...Things like Homemade marshmallows, crackers, cheese, fruit rollups, pop tarts, cola, etc...I think they all started from a single recipe at some point?!  They are much better when made from scratch!  My option, maybe.

Then along comes the idea of the Florida Coffee Peddler (my wife came up with this perfect name, scoring bonus points giving her credit)...where we want to bring the idea that all food was at once made from scratch.  We will certainly be doing things the hard way, but have a strong desire to do it no other way!  Now we are just a BIKE and have some limited space, so providing nostalgic HOMEMADE treats, snacks and goodies  (& Coffee) is what you will find when you see us stop and rest from peddling this big bike around...certainly may add as we go, as we have lots of ideas!


Oh, I almost forgot...we have a partnered with a coffee roaster here in the Jacksonville area, where we will also make ANY coffee beverage you love!   



Our coffee is locally roasted and our provisions are homemade

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